11 Months Old

Hi Oliver,

Today you turned 11 months old. You weigh 19 lbs and 13 ounces now and measure 29 1/2 inches long. You gained a lot of weight this month, probably since you are eating really well. You need to eat a lot to give you the energy as you are climbing around and trying to open every cabinet and drawer you come across. You love exploring and Mom and Dad have their hands full keeping you out of everything. You went on your first trip outside of the USA to visit San Jose Del Cabo in Mexico. You liked watching the waves and playing in the sand. You loved splashing in the pool and all the variety of foods ate every meal. You are making a lot of friends and enjoy playing and watching other kids play. You also really like Christmas lights. When we go on our daily walk, you enjoy looking at all the lights and you went to Candy Cane Lane for the first time to start a new family tradition.


Mom and Dad