Your Nursery


Your mom and dad worked hard to make your nursery a nice place for you to grow up in. They went with a transportation theme, since your dad loves cars.

The most difficult chair to get in the world! After the store said making the chair could take up to 19 weeks and almost giving your mom a heart attack, this exact chair and color combo¬†only takes 5 weeks to make. 5 weeks in to it and your mom called in for an update, only to hear that the chair was discontinued and the order was canceled! Almost heart attack number 2, but luckily that wasn’t the case and the chair arrived and works perfectly in your room!

Cute blanket you can use when you are older

A big dresser for all your clothes. We also change your diapers on the dresser, so you can be all clean.

Your crib that you can’t use yet. Maybe 6 months in you can start using it.

Your super cool bed sheets that your mom found! They served as the foundation for the room and the decorations.