6 Months Old


Today you turned 6 months old. Your Mom and Dad can’t believe how fast time is going! You are starting some big milestones and growing in to a little boy. You weighed in at 17 lbs 4 ounces (46th percentile), measured 27 1/4 inches long (78th percentile), and your head circumference was 17 1/4 inches around (66th percentile). You started eating solid foods this month and you are learning to sit up on your own. When visiting your cousins, you took your longest plane ride and went to two new states, Oregon and Washington. You love to laugh and smile at your family and you are starting to not trust strangers. You had your first visit to the beach and put your toes in the sand and water. You didn’t like it, just like your Dad. You also went to the pool for the first time, and you enjoyed lounging in your floaty. Your Mom takes you to story time and you get to play with other babies while your Mom gets to talk to adults! You have enjoyed having your cousins stay with you at your house and they find you very entertaining. Your Mom and Dad celebrates their 2 year wedding anniversary today too, you are a very special part of their lives.



Mom and Dad