The day you were born

Oliver, the day you were born is one your mother and father will never forget. It started on a crisp, but sunny morning heading to your mom’s weekly checkup.

The doctor visit went well. She was progressing slowly and was now 1.5cm dilated and 80% effaced. Dr. Ebrahmi did some stripping to help try to speed things along and funny enough, it worked with almost an immediate effect. As your mom got dressed and stood up to leave, she turned to your dad and said, “I think my water just broke, I’m not joking”. The office confirmed it was broken and that we should go to the hospital. They went home to grab our bags and said good bye to Molly. They were going to the hospital to have our baby boy!

They arrived at the hospital and went to admissions and triage. They were escorted to bay 17 where Gina took care of mom. Once all her vitals and tests were completed, they were moved to the labor and delivery floor, where you would be born.

Deserie was the nurse and made sure your mom was feeling good and progressing along. At now 2cm dilated, mom didn’t feel much pain or discomfort during her contractions. At 3pm, they had their first visitor, Papa Jeff. He wanted to check on your mom and stayed for about an hour. At 4:30, it had been 6 hours from mom’s water breaking and the medical team wanted to see how far along she had progressed. The mid-wife Heidi measured mom at 2.5cm dilated and after a brief belly touch, thought you might be 6.5-7 lbs when you came out.

It was time for medicine to help speed things along. When the medicine started kicking in, it made the contractions much more noticeable. Mom and dad had a couple more visitors, your Grandpa and Grammy Reed.   It was now a waiting game and the nurse for the night was Carolyn. Your Nana and Tickle Monster were next to arrive. Shortly after, Aunts Lauren and Becca came excited to meet you. At 8:30, mom was progressing and now measuring 4cm dilated. Of course, it was raining outside now. Everyone had guessed it would rain the day you were born. The waiting room thinned out as other people went home, but you had a large audience waiting for your arrival.

Mom’s contractions were getting more and more intense and it was getting harder for mom to manage. It was time for the epidural, so Dr. Hertzka came to work his magic. After a defective back catheter and a few minutes, mom was feeling less pain and pressure. The epidural is highly recommended by mom and dad. The next check was at 10:30 and mom was already at 9.5cm! Dad shared it with your visitors in the waiting room and now it was a race against the clock. Would you come on the 18th, or make dad’s life much easier to remember important dates and come on the 19th.

Back in the room, it looked clear it would be the 19th. Mom wasn’t pushing yet, but was using positioning to help bring you closer to seeing the world. Switching from side to side for stretching was helping mom and baby. They used this time to get any rest possible.

About 1:30am your mom started pushing. She worked really hard and was making great progress. The epidural was helping with the pain and dad even got a sneak peek at baby. You had hair! Baby’s heart beat was slightly elevated and Dr. Dietze decided to help mom get the baby out. They prepared for a vacuum suction and it all happened really quickly. Mom was pushing with all her might and doing a great job. The medical staff was making sure mom was healthy and okay while the doctor pulled him out. Dad was able to see the baby being pulled out and it’s something he will never forget. The baby was finally here! January 19, 2017 at 4:07am. As the team was cleaning him up, an exhausted mom and an emotional dad shared an embrace and kiss as the new baby cried out for the first time. So many emotions were in the room as they heard the first cries, knowing he was here and mom and dad’s lives had changed forever.

Mom and dad got to see you and hold you finally! They waiting 9 months to see you and you were everything they ever hoped for. The tired family in the waiting room received the news and were smiling from ear to ear. They were so happy to hear you and mom were healthy and all they wanted to do was see you. Dad shared the pictures as everyone hugged each other in joy. They were all so tired, but this gave them a burst of energy that only a precious miracle like you could provide.

You are here in this world now and are going to make your mom and dad the happiest parents around. They wish the world for you and know you will grow up to be a wonderful young man.

You are loved by so many people and none of them will forget the night you were born or the day they first met you.