Your first couple days

Everyone was excited that you were finally here. Your Mom and Dad were so happy to hold you. Here is one of the first pictures of the family.

Your Mom could not stop looking at you. This is her watching you shortly after your birth. You and your Mom were very tired after the long labor and delivery.

Your Mom’s first meal was roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and broccoli. Even though it was hospital food, your Mom thought it was a gourmet meal!

You loved being swaddled and your cute little hat barely fit your head. Your Dad had to learn how to swaddle you so you would be comfortable.

You had the cutest little outfit for going home. It looked like it was really comfortable. You got to go home on Saturday after just a couple days in the hospital.

Mom and Dad┬ápacked you up in to the car to take you home. Your Mom and Dad were shocked at how small you looked when they put you in your car seat. Your Dad had to drive very carefully, it’s a good thing he was a responsible and safe driver who always drives slow.

At home, you made yourself comfortable and you met your buddy, Molly the dog. Molly likes watching over you to make sure you are okay.